Sloan Banjos are made with the finest quality materials.


Our standard is an 11" Maple Hardwood Rim, with 4 layers of 1/8" laminated lumber. The Maple is soaked until saturated, then transfered into our Steamer. Once removed the Maple strips are immediately rolled and set to dry in molds. Each Rim is laminated in our 11"Jig to ensure consistenancy every time.

  • Single Co Ordinator rod


Our Jo2Go (Travel) necks are crafted from Hard Maple due to its added strength and its beautiful natural look.

Our Solid Necks (Classic Banjos) can be Maple or Mahagony. They include a steel reinforcement bar

FRET Boards & Peg Head

Rosewood or Maple

Tone Ring

Each Sloan banjo comes with a Bronze rolled or flat Tone Ring, unless otherwise noted

Resonator Options

Classic Resonator: Maple 3 ply Rim

  • Mahagony three (3) layers of aged veneer face
  • Exotic hardwood trim around edge
  • Ivaroid binding¬†
  • Approx. 5/16" wall thickness
  • Internal color "Matt Black"
  • Mounting: Center screw fastner, four feet on resonator butts to bottom of rim

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